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8 Steps To Becoming An Informed Seller

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1 - Choosing The Best Agent For The Job

Most Seller use a real estate agent. You certainly don’t have to, but there are good reasons why most people still do. An agent takes away the burden and works to get your home sold for the best price in the fastest time. After all – you’ve got a life to live.

2 - Price Right to Profile More

Setting the price for your home is challenging. To find the optimal price – one that maximizes the sale price and minimizes the time it takes too sell – requires strategic thinking. It’s no easy task, but it’s a critical one. Pricing your home right the first time results in more exposure, more showings, more offers and ultimately, the highest price for your home.

3 - Prepare To Amaze

After price, the condition of your home is the single biggest factor determining how fast – and for how much – your home sells. REALTORS repeatedly find that people can’t visualize the potential of a home, they can’t see past the chips, clutter and stains. Luckily, you can drastically improve how your home sells with just a few small steps! Sound overwhelming? No need to do it overnight. Your agent can point you to someone who can help, or can break it down to just one small task a day.

4 - Maximize Exposure To Buyers

Once you’ve found a price for your home and put it in showroom condition, there’s one more critical piece of the puzzle before buyers begin flocking in to see your masterpiece; getting their attention! Marketing your home to the biggest audience possible takes more than a sign on the front lawn. The best and fastest home sales include a combination of many of the following; MLS Listing, 24 Hour Online Ads, Print Marketing, Social Media, Online Exposure, Virtual Tour, Proactive Prospecting & Property Brochures.

5 - Show it Off!

As interest in your home rises, so will interest in seeing the real thing. It’s time to show off your masterpiece to prospective buyers.

6 - Negotiate Like a Master

Now this is where things get exciting. You’ve got an offer or maybe two or three at once! When it comes to settling on that final magic number, you’re going to be negotiating. That’s something we are experts at, but there are some key factors to remember as the owner; It’s a conversation, always counteroffer, price isn’t the only thing. Once the conditions are met, the buyers signs a waiver and the deal is firm – your a successful home owner!

7 - Calculating Your Net Proceeds

The cheque is in! Now how much do you get to keep? There are a number of closing costs to consider; Legal feels, mortgage fees, disbursements, adjustments and moving costs.

8 - Meet with The Pinder Singh Team

Feeling more informed? We hope so! We look forward to proving you with a concierge style service and ensuring you have a comfortable and memorial real estate experience.

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